Types of RVs Allowed at NASCAR Tracks

Plans don’t always go as you intend them to, especially in the world of RVing. We have heard stories of people booking sites, buying tickets, and showing up at a NASCAR event only to be turned away at the gate because their RV is not allowed on the campsite. In order to avoid this type of mistake, let’s talk about what types of RVs are allowed at campsites and how you can find out if your RV works for your site.

What Types of RVs are Allowed at NASCAR Tracks

Watch Your Size

You may be very proud of your 50 foot Class A motorhome, but pride won’t help you out when your ride is too big for your site. Before booking a NASCAR campsite, double check to make sure your RV will fit in your chosen site. This is important because site types can be as small as 10′ x 20′. You can check your site’s size on the website before you book or you can just call the track to make sure your rig will fit.

Self-Contained RVs

Many NASCAR campsites will only allow self-contained RVs at their sites, so what does self contained mean? A self-contained RV means that the unit does not need to hook up to any external facilities to operate functionally. Basically you can stay in a self-containing RV without any hookups and still be able to use water and electricity.

This type of rule automatically rules out many travel trailers and other towables from staying on NASCAR tracks, but not all. If you’re wondering if your RV meets the criteria, just call up the track you intend to stay at and get something in writing if it’s close!

Different Types of RVs

This is a category where calling ahead is very important. Certain tracks disallow certain RV types entirely, except for self-contained motorhomes. This could be a teardrop, fifth wheel or a number of different types of travel trailers. If you’re driving anything other than a self-contained motorhome, it is extremely important to know if your RV will be allowed onto the grounds at all.

Knowing 100% that your type of RV is allowed onto your campsite is critical before booking any type of NASCAR-affiliated track site. Never be afraid to call, a few “dumb” questions to track personnel is much better than being turned away at the gate.