Staging Your RV at NASCAR Campsites

Different NASCAR tracks all have different site types, rules, and regulations when it comes to grabbing your spot. For some sites you are designated a spot and you’ll know exactly where to go when the gates open. Some larger tracks that utilize free grounds or have first come, first serve sites don’t give out this designation, whoever is there first can claim the spot.

When it comes to nabbing these spots some NASCAR tracks will often do whats known as staging before the gates open. Let’s look at what staging is, how do know if your site has staging. and how to get ahead of the pack.

What is RV Staging?

Staging is a technique that tracks will utilize to help out the traffic flow into a campground once it opens. For example if a track knows a campsite will fill up quickly they will often let RVs park outside the entrance of the site in a specific area and pattern. When the gates open those RVs in line can file into the park instead of having a free-for-all of RVs jockeying for position. This queue of RVs in the proper area is known as staging.

How Do I Know If I Can Stage My RV?

Many grounds will let you know about staging operations and how it works at that track when you book your site. This is not true of all tracks that utilize staging. To make sure how staging operations work it is best to contact the track directly over the phone or by email. Let them know what race you are attending, when you intend on arriving, and what site you have booked or what grounds you wish to stay at. The track can let you know if there is staging at your site and how it works.

Staging Tips and Tricks

  • Though your grounds may have hookups, the staging area will not so plan ahead.
  • Try to map your route directly into your staging area instead of  a track entrance.
  • Be courteous. Claiming spots during staging should be conducted orderly, and with courtesy. Don’t cut people off, don’t steal spots, and be cooperative with track personnel during staging and entry.

Staging is a great way for tracks to get everyone into the track and site in a orderly, efficient fashion. Look up any staging information before you plan your route to keep things efficient on your end as well.