RVing in motorhomes

It’s no coincidence that RVing and NASCAR events seem to go so well together. While RVing has been around just about as long as automobiles, it didn’t become very popular until the post-World War II economic boom of the 1950s. There is something else that came out around this time, known as the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing, more neatly known as NASCAR.

Why NASCAR RVing is Perfect for Racing

If you’ve ever been to a NASCAR event you will notice RVs everywhere, on offsite camping areas, along the banks and turns or the track and, of course, NASCAR wouldn’t be the same without a sea of RVs nestled in the infield of the most famous raceways in America. So how did RVing and NASCAR end up going so well together? Well, there isn’t one exact answer but there are some logical explanations of the two pastimes being like peanut butter and jelly.

NASCAR by no means has a monopoly when to comes to RVing at sporting events. Go to any NFL or college football game and you’re likely to see plenty of RVs as well. What makes RVing to NASCAR different than most other sports is that NASCAR events take up an entire weekend compared to just a single day. On any given weekend in the summer you will have a Friday Camping World Truck race, a Xfinity race on Saturday and the Sprint Cup race on Sunday. It is easy to stay in a motel for one night or just drive in for a day event but NASCAR is about drinking in (sometimes literally) the entire weekend.

RVers pull up to the track when the traffic is sparse, park their RV, crack open a cold one and get ready to enjoy the weekend. You just don’t see that in the same degree as you do at other sporting events.

NASCAR all has its roots in the southern United States and many of the tracks on the circuit weren’t in areas with the hotels and motels to handle the influx of race fans, so race fans took their own RVs.
We may never know the exact reason that NASCAR and RVing seemed to grow up together but we certainly won’t question the connection. If you have never enjoyed the fun of taking your RV down to a track for a 3-day party, it is definitely something that should be on your RV bucket list.