RVing History

Recreational vehicles, or RVs, have existed just about as long as the automobile has. As soon as the American people got a grasp on the new-fangled automobile, they got an idea that there could be more to it than just driving down to the local grocery store. Looks take a brief history lesson on the world of RVing to give you an idea of the roots of this great American pastime.

More RVing History to Discover

The fist RVs came about shortly after mass-produced automobiles started to make their way into the American home. Historians agree that 1910 was the first true year of RVs on the road. 1910 saw motorized campers being produced in tandem with other automobiles and 1910 was also the first year that RVs were bought and sold in commercial settings with Los Angeles Trailer Works and Auto-Kamp trailers leading the way. In 1913, the Earl, the modern ancestor to American RVing, was first introduced.

RVs increased in popularity during the 1920s and 30s with the formation of the Tin Can Tourists. The Tin Can Tourists were one of the first RV rally clubs and they have were shooting up and down the unpaved roads of the US in their Tin Lizzies decades before the modern RV club was thought of.

It wasn’t until the post-War World II economic boom of the 1950s and 60s that RVing really took off. For the first time since its manufacture, RVs were made available to the common American who could build their own DIY model or purchase a factory ready version. The 1950s and 60s were the first decades to see many recognizable names in the world of RVing start to pop up such as Winnebago. New RVs were significantly more drivable, aerodynamic and affordable than ever before, leading to the modern surge in popularity that continues into the 1970s and beyond.

Today there are hundreds of thousands RVs crisscrossing the roads of the United States, according to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, over 350,000 RVs were shipped in 2014. The average American RVers is 48 years old, has a median income of $62,000 and feels like RVing has had a positive impact on multiple aspects of their life.

Things are only looking up for the RV industry and RVers across the country. If you’ve never tried RVing before, what are you waiting for? With several different types of RVs on the market available you can be certain that you’ll find a model that fits your lifestyle, now hit the road!