NASCAR wouldn’t be where it is today without the most important aspect of the race team, the driver. Since its inception, NASCAR has been one of the pinnacles of racing in the United States and attracts the best talent from all around the country and world to race their stock cars at over 200 mph.

The NASCAR Drivers

They say that most of the racing in NASCAR is now determined by the car and not the driver. Despite technological advances in the NASCAR stock car, it would be nothing without the driver. The driver controls their speed and how the car operates, but is also one of the key members of the whole team. The driver’s job is not only handling the car, but to also give accurate and timely information to the crew when it comes to how the car is operating, and any adjustments that need to be made. Modern NASCAR racing may be all about the car, but the car is nothing without the driver.

When you walk around the track on raceday or chat about NASCAR with another fan you’ll often get the question, “Who’s your driver?” Like any other professional sports association, NASCAR fans have their favorites and will cheer them on to catch the checkered flag. Some fans have even gone so far to show their devotion to their driver with custom wraps for their RVs and even tattoos. It is possible to enjoy a NASCAR event without rooting for a particular driver, but it is definitely more fun when have a particular car and team to cheer on.

That’s why NASCAR RVing wants to promote the drivers of NASCAR as much as we promote NASCAR and the RVing community. Our drivers page will highlight some of the more popular drivers in the sport, as well as rookies, up-and-comers, and some of the more popular drivers in the Camping World and Xfinity Series.

Take a look at the driver’s page to learn about all the best NASCAR has to offer and you haven’t picked a team and driver yet, use our driver profile to find your new favorite!