Tent camping

Unfortunately, not everyone has RVs that provide somewhere to stay when it comes to NASCAR events and races. For many, the RV is left behind in favor of good old fashioned tent camping. To get an idea what tent camping at a NASCAR race is like, we want to give you a peek into the mad world of tents that sprouts up along tracks during race weekend.

What is Camping Like at a NASCAR Race?

Before you begin planning your camping trick to a NASCAR weekend you need to find out if tent camping is even allowed or permitted at the track you will be visiting. Several tracks offer tent camping zones but not all so make sure you know when and where you can camp before you’re turned away at the gate.

NASCAR race weekend camping is not similar to typically camping at your local state park. It will be very crowded, very loud and sometimes even a little rowdy. You will be sharing a camping pavilion with possibly thousands of other campers so you should not book your site expecting quiet nights and serenity but rather lots of noise and parties. If this doesn’t seem appealing to you, you might consider camping at a park nearby the track.

Every track will have their own unique rules and regulations when it comes to camping there and it’s very important to know these rules before you get to the park. Different tracks will have different regulations on site sizes, how many vehicles are allowed, certain quiet hours, what you can and can’t bring and even check-in times for different race weekends. If you want yourself and others to have the best possible time, it is important that you respect the local rules and regulations.

To pack properly you will also need to know what amenities and features are available at your site. Often times tent sites for NASCAR events will be nothing more than a plot of land for a tent with no onsite amenities. Find out what amenities and features are available onsite and near the site, such as showers so you don’t end up biting off more than you can chew.

Camping at a NASCAR event is definitely a unique trip that most people find exciting and fun. As long as you know what type of camping to expect, what amenities and features are available and the rules and regulations for your campground. That way you won’t be faced with any surprises and wake up on race day ready for the action.